"Our company has worked with Lan Tel for over twenty years. It's important we work with 'partners' in tackling our needs and Lan Tel has certainly acted as ours. In planning our new office spaces, introducing us to new technology and day-to-day maintenance needs, Lan Tel has been proactive at every corner of our business."

Rod Miles
Cappelli Miles
Eugene / Portland / Denver / Seattle


"Lan Tel is highly recommended. They have provided outstanding service both before and after the sale. We researched numerous business phone system vendors before choosing Lan Tel. Moving forward with their proposed solution has turned out to be a great business decision."

Ken Nuss
CEO / Founder
Medford, OR


"Lan Tel has not only been our vendor for telephony, phone systems, wiring and other communications needs throughout our entire enterprise (25 locations); but has been a trusted and valued business partner for 18 years.

They have proven over and over during our relationship that they are consistently proactive and always ahead of the task list. Their quality of work is flawless, is cleanly executed and well-engineered. Their response time is quite often instantaneous. 

They're a family-owned company, and have always treated us as valued family members. Truly a pleasure to work with, and have contributed to the success, scalability and quality of our vital communications infrastructure as we continue to grow. "Small" jobs to major projects or repair; day or night; they're our go-to Team!"

Chris Cahill
Manager of Information Systems
Industrial Finishes and Systems, Inc.


"The installation of an “Mitel” phone system from Lan Tel had the impact of hiring another employee. We receive a high level of service and support from Lan Tel that is second to none. The system we had installed helps us to project a high level of professionalism to our customer. The system is able to function with a level of sophistication one could only hope for, let alone realize. The way the system's automated attendant handles incoming calls, especially when counter personnel are overwhelmed is of tremendous value. Our company philosophy is that we want a person to answer the phone and deal with the customer directly. The reality is, this is not always possible to do in a timely manner and still give the level of attention you want to, to each person. That's where the automated attendant helps in dealing with an overwhelmed counter. The system still captures the call, puts the customer on hold, but keeps ringing at the counter. This feature allows the counter personnel to operate with greater flexibility and confidence, knowing the phone system has their back when it comes to picking up and dealing with calls. In addition the utilization of the IP phones at remote locations and on lap tops has added another dimension to our level of flexibility. You want a phone system that works, and works well. At the end of the day, with our Inter-Tel phone system from Lan Tel we are not thinking about our phone system and that's what you want." 

CJ Rentals/ Northwest Stone & Boulder


"We have used Lan Tel Services for several years and have been very happy with the service and the quality equipment they've installed. Day to day they're great, but a couple of times we had incidents (like the time a contractor cut all of our phone lines) and they really came through quickly and got us back up right away. They understand how important good communications are to business. I highly recommend Lan Tel!"

Scott Bocci
Grays Garden Centers